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Clenet Verdi-Rose, acclaimed Director/Producer for his award-winning feature film "SKYLER" is characterized by his extraordinary visual perception and talented ablity to transfer life into artistic venues and the much anticipated release of the latest film "Sandcastles" which he directed this year. Influenced throughout his life by traditional art mediums, Clenet began focusing on his career as a feature film director while in college and studying film-making in Italy.

Clenet made his feature film debut directing “SKYLER”, in 2008. Clenet's director/production work has been recognized with awards and accolades including the "BEST Director" Award for his role as Director/Producer in “SKYLER”, and “First Place Feature Film” for his film, "SKYLER” from the Los Angeles Art-House film Festival. “Skyler” has been recognized as a Merit Award Honor of the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, Spring, 2009; and selected as the “World Premiere Feature” film in the Beverly Hills' "Los Angeles Film and Music Festival" , and also awarded a Silver Award for Best Feature film in the "California Film Awards" in San Diego, Ca. “Skyler” is currently available on DVD marketed online thru Ytinifni Pictures and Green Rose Pictures, of which Clenet is a partner.


directed the feature film, Sandcastles which has won multiple awards at various film festivals around the country and was picked up for distribution by MarVista Entertainment and released in 2016.


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