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Utilizing the theory of small monetary self-incentivization, accomplish and track your goals with this simple, effective, app. Be accountable to The Goal Father (and yourself). Disarm the daily countdown alarm in the same daily hour window, log your progress, and live to see another day (or be closer to your goal). Miss a day and lose a token and your goals swim with the fishes. Tokens are available for purchase and give you the simple incentivization needed to MAKE YOUR GOALS REALITY. With an easy to view calendar and daily log of notes, track and watch your progress.


  • No-fuss, simple incentivisation. Miss disarming the daily alarm and logging your progress? Lose a token.

  • Easy and changeable customization: Name, Goal, and Daily Disarm Hour Window

  • Calendar of Goal Progress - Visually see days you miss.

  • Log of Entry Notes - Keep track of the details of your journey to your goal.